I was clicking aimlessly on things and – completely unexpectedly – the login screen to this old blog of mine popped up… with the password filled in!

I stopped blogging here for two of two reasons, one of which was that i’d forgotten my password.

So i went in and changed the password to something that i did know.

That’s one good thing about WordPress: if you’re already logged in, they don’t ask you to provide your existing password.

That’s one bad thing about WordPress: I you’re already logged in, someone else can come along and change your password without knowing your existing password.

The very first thing i did was to change the theme of the blog. It’s now purple, for no really good reason.

If you refer to the ABOUT page, you’ll see that this blog isn’t about anything. Or, if it is about something, then whatever that something is doesn’t really matter.

That’s a challenge, that is. Writing a blog that isn’t about anything, almost two years after leaving it for dead.

Let’s see how i go.

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Bloggers are not Journalists, and Journalists are not Bloggers

There’s something very wrong when professional Journalists suddenly think they can be bloggers.

They can’t.

Blogging is a reaction against ownership of the media by the Man.

Journalists work for the Man.

Thus, when a journalist writes what he or she (or the Man) calls a “blog”, what he or she (or, in reality, the Man) is really doing is writing an online column, sanctioned, owned, and controlled by the Man.

If I want to read what the Man has to say, I’ll buy a newspaper, and just stop thinking for myself.

A little while ago, some Journalist moaned and bitched in what he (and the Man) thought was a blog about the unkind anonymous comments of his readers. Look at me, he wailed, I’m a professional Journalist and I’m putting my actual name to my rantings (i.e. opinions paid for and sanctioned by the Man), and that’s what makes me so special.

Journalists don’t belong in the blogosphere, any more than professional athletes belong at the Olympics.

When Time Magazine condescendingly made all us out here the Person of the Year, it wasn’t because we were doing a good job at being little try-hard journalists: it was because we were taking over control of the media, and taking it away from Journalists.

Or that’s what the Man said, anyway.

So, it’s like this, Journalists: get yourselves out of the blogosphere. Now. Go back to reporting scandals and sports, like we expect you to.

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It’s official: everyone is finally over blogs and blogging

Turns out that everyone who might ever have been interested in keeping a blog has now tried it, and they’ve either decided that

  • it’s just the very thing they’ve always wanted to have take over their lives, or
  • they’ve decided that it’s tedious and pointless, and that they’d do just about as well whispering their thoughts into an empty box that they keep under their bed.

You can read more about this here, or you could not, since you probably haven’t read this in the first place. It’s ok, I understand: with 100 million blogs to get through, one gets picky pretty quick.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sating your stalky needs with an exciting account of my most recent toe-nail clipping adventures. Make sure you RSS for that one, huh.

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