Bloggers are not Journalists, and Journalists are not Bloggers

There’s something very wrong when professional Journalists suddenly think they can be bloggers.

They can’t.

Blogging is a reaction against ownership of the media by the Man.

Journalists work for the Man.

Thus, when a journalist writes what he or she (or the Man) calls a “blog”, what he or she (or, in reality, the Man) is really doing is writing an online column, sanctioned, owned, and controlled by the Man.

If I want to read what the Man has to say, I’ll buy a newspaper, and just stop thinking for myself.

A little while ago, some Journalist moaned and bitched in what he (and the Man) thought was a blog about the unkind anonymous comments of his readers. Look at me, he wailed, I’m a professional Journalist and I’m putting my actual name to my rantings (i.e. opinions paid for and sanctioned by the Man), and that’s what makes me so special.

Journalists don’t belong in the blogosphere, any more than professional athletes belong at the Olympics.

When Time Magazine condescendingly made all us out here the Person of the Year, it wasn’t because we were doing a good job at being little try-hard journalists: it was because we were taking over control of the media, and taking it away from Journalists.

Or that’s what the Man said, anyway.

So, it’s like this, Journalists: get yourselves out of the blogosphere. Now. Go back to reporting scandals and sports, like we expect you to.

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