Bushfires and the media

I can’t help the feeling that everyone in the media is a little annoyed that the weekend bushfires weren’t the cataclysm that they were expecting. And advertising.

Friday night, on the Channel 7 News, Jennifer Keyte anounced in stentorian tones,

“Victorians will live and die this weekend, depending on the weather.”

Personally, I think that <generalisation>the media</generalisation> is totally irresponsible about reporting on bushfires.

They want to terrify us. It’s good for their business.

The warnings and portentous threats that were coming out of the commercial media in the lead up to the weekend were obscene. See, thing is, once we know that the fires are about, there’s not much we can do about it. Worrying won’t actually help.

During our little fire back in ’97, the authorities set up a phone counselling service for people traumatised by the fires. Most of the people who rang in lived nowhere near the flames.

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