Lust for the Dust

I can’t understand why so many people are so excited about The Ashes.

I don’t play Cricket, and I don’t find it interesting to watch. In fact, I find it very dull.

Some people talk about how wonderful it is that the Cricket is back on the Radio. Like it’s some sort of confirmation that Summer is here, or something.

I can’t stand to watch Cricket on TV, let alone listen to someone describing it on Radio.

The English have no real connection with my world, outside of the Beatles and Doctor Who. So I don’t really care whether we are better or worse than them at a game that I don’t care about.

People are entitled to be all excited about Cricket, so far as I’m concerned. But could they just keep it to themselves?

If I was ever to find myself excited about something, I’d keep it to myself. Out of politeness.

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