Executive washroom

The paper towel dispenser in the Executive Washroom is giving me attitude.

Yesterday I had to tickle its belly to get paper out, and today it was just plain unco-operative.

It’s almost as if it knows that I don’t belong in the Executive Washroom. Like it knows that I should be washing my hands in one of the more dungeonly washrooms.

Or maybe it’s got a touch of the Thorpies.

“A touch of the Thorpies” is when you stop doing something that you’re good at, and that everyone relies upon you to do (and do well), just because you think you’ve achieved all that you can in that particular field.

You stop doing it because you feel you’re not doing it for yourself anymore, but rather that you’re doing it for someone else, to satisfy their dreams.

Someone else like, say, the people of Australia.

Or someone who wants to wash their hands.

I think the paper towel dispenser wants to explore its options in Hollywood. Or maybe have a go at hosting “So You Think You Want To Be An Australian Millionnaire On Ice’.

Good luck, paper towel dispenser. It’ll be interesting to see how you get along when you’re not dispensing paper towels any more.

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